Filip Berghamar

Fullstack Senior Software Developer

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail."

- Abraham Maslow



  • C# and .Net - Coding since 2006, always using the latest .Net versions.

  • - Created several websites such as, and

  • XAML with Silverlight and WPF.

  • T-SQL and SAP backbones.

  • Experienced in Visual basic, Javascript, Delphi and C++.


  • nHibernate, ADO.Net, LinqToSql and SAP RFC for Data-acess layer.

  • Dependency injection, Json/XML, WCF and WEBServices for tying it all together.

  • MVVM, Winforms and MVC, HTML and jQuery for the frontend tier.

  • Modbus, MBus and OPC for PLC's and peripheral devices.


  • Test driven development, Rapid Prototyping and Extreme Programming methods

  • Agile SCRUM project management.

  • JIRA, SCM and SVN for online project collaboration


A 40 year old seasoned developer, who has seen his fair share of projects and an equal number of solutions, since completing my college-degree in Computer Science in 2001.

You can always count on an honest answer - even if it means me declining an opening, if I find You would be better off with an alternative solution.

I have been living in Randers, Denmark since 2002.

If none of the above mentioned topics interests You, we can always discuss football, politics or cars.

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Filip Berghamar


Phone: +45 6014 1018